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For the love of Shad

shad 1 

Love at first grab!

The first time I caught a shad it was purely by accident.  Don’t get me wrong, I was fully intending to catch one; I just was doing everything wrong.  Because I was using a sink tip, I only knew the single way that I had fished the sink tip in the past.  I thought I should fish it as I had for big trout in Montana.  Cast it over a shallow area and strip it back to me perpendicular to the current.  Well if this is any tribute to the intelligence of the shad, no Ivy League school for these fish.  Or maybe the fish just felt sorry for me and grabbed it anyway.  But by any measure the grab was a strong one.  It was almost surprising how strong and powerful these fish are.  So, now thinking I knew how to catch the Wiley shad, I didn’t catch another for days.  Around me fish were being caught left and right. Knowing what I knew, and since I’m rarely wrong, thought the other fisherman caught their fish by accident.  So lucky for me, a drift boat slowly passes me on the bank, captained by ace guide Bill Lowe.  We exchanged pleasantries and realized we were booked soon to go fishing.  Needless to say a stint on the water with Bill changed my luck with shad fishing.  Not only did I realize the fish school in the deep, they want nothing to do with a cross current stripped shad fly.  It’s the downstream dance across their noses they like.  So if you want to learn how to catch these noble game fish email Bill and book a trip.  What’s great about shad fishing is the best fishing occurs late in the day.  You can put in a full day of work, head to the water, float to your spot, eat a little dinner, sip on a carbonated beverage and still be there in plenty of time for a great evening of fishing.  When the fish turn on, doubles are common and these fish bend a 6 wt rod in half.  Email me if you want more information about shad fishing.  Contact Bill for a great shad fishing experience.  www.billloweflyguide.com