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Bow River Fly Fishing Trip 8/11-8/18

Bow River Brown

Bow River Brown

Calgary, Alberta


From where I sit I can’t think of a better arrangement.  What could be better than cooking with friends at a lodge on one of the best trout waters in North America?  I’ll be guest “cheffing” at the North Bow Lodge right in the middle of hopper season, from August 11th through the 14th.   Then, I too am going fishing, from the 15th through the 18th.  The North Bow Lodge is the only guest lodge on the famous Bow River.   Michelle Wheeler and I will be preparing some exciting new dishes to celebrate the great days on the river.  Email ahead for the menu in case you want to bring some special wines.  If you don’t feel like bringing your own wine, for your convenience we will have some recommendations available at the local market to pair nicely with the menu.

The fishing: Float almost 50 miles of the famous Bow River, famous for large trout taking dry flies.  Have a shot at a trophy brown trout that may well exceed 24”’s.  Daily floats can be 10-12 miles long so plan on doing a lot of casting.  The local guides are excellent and can be arranged through the lodge.  This is my 7th year visiting the lodge and fishing the Bow.  I can say without reservation the Bow is my favorite large trout river.  The river has everything, grassy banks, big rocks, riffles, deep pools and feeder streams.  Big foam flies are the order and if you’ve never seen a trout eat a big foam hopper, it’s a thing of beauty.  “God save the queen” is the advice given when asked “how long should I wait before setting the hook?” Speak the words, and then set the hook.  Feels like an eternity.

The food: Going hungry isn’t an option at the North Bow Lodge.  You’ll be eating some great meals freshly prepared, onsite.  Michelle insists on the freshest local ingredients available.  Eat hearty breakfasts, fresh baked pastries, desserts, and dinners that rival the best restaurants.  No skimping here but know you’ll need the calories after a long day on the river.  I feel lucky to have my fingers in the pie and be a part of it.  I hope we see you on the trip, share a meal, sip some wine, and tell some stories.  Book early and bring a friend.  If these dates don’t work for you, check for other availability and special events.  Rates start at $1,150 per person for 2 days of guided fishing, 3 night’s food and lodging, double occupancy.  No matter when you come, I promise it will be a wonderful experience.  Take a look online ( North Bow Lodge) at the lodge and get a glimpse of what all the excitement is about.  Contact the lodge directly at info@northbowlodge.com or email me at info@tightlinescafe.com  for more details. Tight Lines!