Daily Archives: August 10, 2013

Tomato Madness



Fruit or vegetable?  I think the age old debate finally ended (with those that have the power to decide) and the decision is a tomato is a vegetable.  I grew up being told they were a fruit, but it didn’t matter to me because I have always loved tomatoes.  When I was 4, my mom and I used to eat them off the vine with a salt shaker to sprinkle behind every bite.  As a kid, when asked “what is your favorite fruit” without hesitation I would say “tomato”.   Today, because of the reclassification of the tomato, I say “peach”.  Regardless, I live in the capital of tomato country, actually the capital of California aptly nicknamed “Sacra tomato”.  Field after field is full of tomatoes.  Those big fields full of tomatoes are for processing but every farmers market has a pile of just picked, ready to take home beauties. Why am I talking about tomatoes?  Well, I love them so much I thought I should give them their place in the sun.    Stop in, squeeze the merchandise, and take some home. 

May I have this dance? I couldn’t mention my pal the tomato without his Italian dance partner, DSCN0656Basil.  Grab a plant, pop it in the ground (or pot), and enjoy Basil all summer.  I find with our summer heat, morning sun and afternoon shade works best.  Keep it moist and pick those fat and juicy leaves all season.  Garlic, Olive Oil, fresh tomatoes (Romas are best for this), dried Oregano, and Basil.  You’ve got homemade Marinara that keeps and freezes.