Sleeping Giants

Sleeping Giant

Sleeping Giant


I can’t count the number of times I’ve passed over this wine, selecting another for dinner.  I’m not exactly sure why but I remember looking at the label and thinking “not tonight”.    Maybe because I didn’t know this wine and wasn’t sure what to expect. Choosing instead to select a bottle I knew and had confidence in its pedigree.  For some reason last night was the night.  Maybe because I was afraid the wine was getting too old and tired and needed to be consumed.  Not sure what the deciding factor was but so glad I did.  The menu included Southwest style rib eyes, Ancho chili BBQ Gulf shrimp, fresh tomato and cucumber salad, and roasted broccoli and cauliflower.   My hopes the brawn of a Chilean wine would hold up to the bold spices and rich meat. 

Respect this old gentleman:   While stirring pots and cutting veggies, I decided to open this old man and pour out an oz. to determine his character.  The wine was brick red with a brownish hue.  My first thought was, “I’d waited too long” and I cursed my procrastination.  Okay take a sniff, and out of respect, no matter what, take a sip.  The wine, although thinner in color than I expected, was full of life.  The fragrance of cedar, spice, and a little wet earth came first.  Followed by (I can’t completely describe it), a little floral scent.  With my expectations now elevated, I took a sip.  This old man had muscle tone.  It was superb.  The bold characteristics remained and all the sharp edges had been softened.  The tannins were tamed and the finish was long and soft. 

Feeling lucky?  I got lucky on this one.  Too many times it’s gone the other way.  I’ve waited too long and got a bottle of empty promises.  Err on the side of early.  Okay, some wines are too young to drink and, let’s face it; some wines will never get better with age.  But sometimes, we get lucky and it all comes together in time and place.  Hat’s off to the old guys!


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