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Rib roast for Christmas

The beast Rib roast for Christmas.  I love a good rib roast (often called prime rib).  Not all rib roasts are created equal.  Beef in America is graded by name, prime the best with the most fat marbling in the muscle, choice next, then good.  Most supermarkets sell choice (Raley’s, Nugget, Costco) while others sell a lesser grade. The lesser grade is renamed sometimes like “Butchers choice” or “Rancher’s reserve”.  Markets that sell choice beef are proud of it and advertise as such. I buy choice grade as for me it has plenty of fat and marbling and delivers a great result.  Boneless or bone in? I like the bones on the prime rib but I like the butcher to cut off the feather bones and tie the bones back on. Most supermarkets offer the rib roast roastedthis way but if you buy a package that isn’t tied, you get everything intact. The tied onbones make it easy to carve and taste great eaten separately.  Small or large end? Rib roast has a cap or layer of meat that covers the outside of the roast. This cap is the most flavorful and marbled piece of the roast. The small end has the largest ratio of cap to center and is the best tasting piece in my opinion.  When I order a roast I order it cut from the small end.  I order at least a lb. per person and err on the side of an extra rib. How do I cook the roast? I use what I believe to be a fail safe method for cooking my roast. I put the roast in a rack in a shallow roasting pan. I rub a little olive oil on the roast, liberally cover with salt and pepper, fresh chopped rosemary and some fresh crushed garlic.  I put the roast in a second slicepreheated 500F oven and roast for 30 minutes.  Then I turn the oven down to 200F (make sure your oven is accurate) and leave it.  I use a probe thermometer and cook it to the desired doneness, for me rare to medium rare.  The beauty of this method is when the roast is removed from the oven it can be loosely covered with a towel or foil and won’t continue to cook.  A roast cooked at a level 325F (conventional method) can cook after removed from the oven.  The bones heat up and can actually change the doneness of a roast taken out at medium rare to medium.  With the “hot roast” method, the meat has a great crust and a consistent color throughout.  Happy holidays and bon appetit.rib roast